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Reviews for The Big Picture: The Fight for the Future of Movies

“An informative, entertaining, often maddening look at how the film industry ended up where it is today."


"A definitive history of the film business in the 21st century."

In Reel Deep

"The surprising undersong to the story he tells is one of pathos—the pathos of an old-school studio head becoming an anomaly in a Hollywood increasingly overseen by brand managers."

The New Yorker

The Big Picture holds the reader’s attention by telling the stories of senior executives whose careers were destroyed or made by the changes in the entertainment industry.  Mr. Fritz culled the fruits of the infamous Sony hack to paint a vivid portrait of life inside the studio as it struggled to respond to the structural challenges it faced.”

The New York Times

"Modern cinema has long needed a book like Ben Fritz’s The Big Picture: The Fight for the Future of Movies — in short, an observant, sharply written analysis of this world of big brands (like Marvel), streaming giants, foreign influence, and the now-archaic star system."

The Film Stage

"Fritz uses his skills as both a financial journalist and a natural storyteller to spin a narrative that is detailed, funny and a little terrifying. Anyone with a love for intelligent cinema made for discerning adults should be concerned."

The Globe and Mail

"If Bob Woodward and Michael Lewis co-wrote a book about the movie business, it would probably look a lot like this one."

Library Journal

“Fritz’s book is a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse at the forces that determine what gets played at the local cineplex.”

Publishers Weekly

"Fritz... conveys not only what the film industry has become in the age of streaming services and cinematic universes, but also what it's lost."





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